Nagasaki Peace Park

A park in Nagasaki built in remembrance of the victims of the atomic bomb dropped on the city…

Mount Inasa Observation Deck

Observation deck on Mount Inasa that provides one of Japan’s best night views

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

Museum in commemoration of those that died in the atomic bombing of Nagasaki

Oura Catholic Church

Oura Church (大浦天主堂, Ōura Tenshudō) is the oldest church in Japan. It was built in 1864 in memory of…

Dutch Slope

Stone-paved path leading to an area of Nagasaki where many foreigners lived from the latter half of the…

Glover Garden

Garden in Nagasaki housing the former home of Thomas Glover

Nagasaki Spirit Boat Procession

Bon Festival celebrations welcoming back ancestors from the spirit world

Nagasaki Peiron Championship

The Nagasaki Peiron Championship (長崎ペーロン選手権大会) is thought to have been started in 1655 by the Chinese community in…

Nagasaki Kunchi Festival

Nagasaki’s oldest festival is registered as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property.

Hashima Island ("Battleship Island")

Hashima Island (端島) is an abandoned island and former coal mine located about 15 kilometers from Nagasaki. It…

Nagasaki Lantern Festival

Started by the Chinese community in Nagasaki to celebrate the Chinese New Year, this festival of lights has…

Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival

The Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival (長崎帆船まつり, Nagasaki Hansen Matsuri) is one of a kind in Japan. It was…