The area on which Yoyogi Park (代々木公園) now stands was a military parade ground for the Imperial Army until a housing complex for U.S. military personnel called “Washington Heights” was established in 1946. In fact, the heavy Western ambience of Omotesando Dori and the surrounding streets owes much to this U.S. military presence: shops began to open along the road selling Western goods, the forerunners of what we see today.

Sitting out to enjoy the sakura

U.S. military personnel that remained in Japan were gradually relocated from Washington Heights and the complex was converted into an Olympic Village for the 1964 Tokyo games before being demolished (only one hut remains). The grounds were then renovated and opened to the public as Yoyogi Park in 1967. Today Yoyogi is a people’s park. Entrance is free and there is even a dedicated cycle route. Stroll through at the weekend and you will see teenage girls practicing dance routines, bands rehearsing, and groups picnicking under the trees.

If you go on a Sunday you may see a group of Elvis impersonators dancing in the plaza in front of the main entrance

Yoyogi Park, 2-1 Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0052
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Events & Festivals in the Area

Sri Lanka Festival

Early Aug 2021
Sri Lanka Festival organised by the Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan.

Cambodia Festival

Late Sep 2021
All the Southeast Asian countries make an appearance in Tokyo for a weekend festival: Laos, Thailand, the Philippines,…

Tokunoshima Fair

Late Feb 2022
Fair to promote tourism in Tokunoshima and Amami-Oshima—two islands lying about 100km northeast of Okinawa. Stalls will be…

I Love Ireland Festival

Mid Mar 2022
An annual event in Yoyogi Park celebrating Irish culture that culminates in a parade up and down Omotesando…

Spring Love Harukaze Music Festival

Late Mar 2022
Free music event in Yoyogi Park. There are two stages and a huge host of stalls selling arts…

Wanwan Carnival

Early 〜 Late Apr 2022
The Wanwan Carnival is a weekend event for dog lovers and owners alike. There are demonstrations and exhibitions,…

Tokyo Rainbow Pride

Late Apr 〜 Early May 2022
A week long event organised by the LGBT community in Tokyo to promote awareness and equality. Events takes…

Meiji Jingu Spring Grand Festival

Late Apr 〜 Early May 2022
The Meiji Jingu Spring Grand Festival is actually a series of traditional performances that take place over the…

Thai Festival

Early May 2022
Original promoted as a Thai Food Festival, the name got shortened but the emphasis still firmly remains on…

Okinawa Festival

Mid May 2022
The Okinawa Festival returns this year with performances from musicians on the main stage, food stalls, and booths…

Laos Festival

Late May 2022
Over the course of the year Tokyo plays host to festivals from just about all the southeast Asian…

Tokyo Jazz Festival

Late 〜 Late May 2022
The Tokyo Jazz Festival is attracting an ever more eclectic mix of international and Japanese artists. There will…

Vietnam Festival

Mid Jun 2022
The Vietnam Festival celebrates the country’s cuisine and culture. It has been running annual since 2008 and attracts…
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