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Good views of Mount Fuji and the sea… if you’re lucky and visit on a week when you can enter the west-facing baths (they change between male and female weekly). The black water said to contain specs of gold is another unique feature of the onsen, but the open-air baths are a disappointment.

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Inamuragasaki Onsen is a natural onsen on the coast near Kamakura that offers views of the waterfront as well as a distant Mount Fuji. The onsen underwent a renovation in September 2017, and the new design is more modern, taking advantage of its surroundings. The two baths are called “Oshima-noyu” and “Fujimi-noyu”, but it is really only from the latter that you can enjoy the view of Mount Fuji from the bathtubs (in Oshima-noyu you need to stand to catch a glimpse because the view is blocked by the wooden fencing that separates the male and female baths). Fortunately, these baths are switched between every week so there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll get to bathe in Fujimi-noyu.

The view from the main road outside the baths
The reception area

As for the baths themselves, in both Oshima-noyu and Fujim-noyu there is one large indoor bath set at about 42°C and a standard Finnish sauna with a cold water tub outside. There is also an open-air bath but unfortunately this only offers views of the sky above—the onsen is clearly restricted in how “open” the baths can be given the main road and numerous pedestrians below.

The natural water is a yellow-ish color, high in nutrients, and reputed to have anti-ageing properties. It is also said to contain tiny specs of “gold dust”. The claim is because the sand around the onsen through which the water is drawn contains tiny particles of iron—apparently used during the Kamakura period to make swords—and occasionally specs of gold, as well!

The revamped restaurant is also worth a mention—a modern design with a menu you’d expect to see at an upmarket family restaurant (pasta, salads, katsu-kare, etc.)—nothing particularly traditional. The prices aren’t cheap (most dishes seemed to be around ¥1,500), but the food was good and the seats by the window provide clear views of the coastline.

Lunch menu

Natural onsen
What's it got?
Open-air baths
Near station
¥1,500. Entrance fee does not include a towel. A rental towel set is ¥500 or you can purchase towels at the reception (face-towel ¥150; bath towel ¥800)
Open all year from 9am to 9pm (reception closes at 8pm)
What Else?
Under 13s are not allowed in the onsen
1 Chome-16-13 Inamuragasaki, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa 248-0024
A short walk from Inamuragasaki Station on the Enoshima Dentetsu Line (19 minutes from Kamakura Station); otherwise there is ample car parking if you have your own transport

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