Small natural onsen that is part of Hotel Keikyu Aburatubo Kanchoso in Miura, Kanagawa Prefecture. While the hotel itself looks like some sort of run-down motel from the outside, it does provide very good views of Koajiro Bay from the outside bath tubs. The onsen is not all that big, but the hotel’s slightly remote location means that it never gets that crowded, leaving you to enjoy the views in peace.

The view from the restaurant. This is similar to the view from the outside baths which are located below

There are just three tubs: one inside (set at a lower temperature), and two outside, including a one-man Jacuzzi pot. The natural spring water comes from deep under the surrounding seabed, and so has a high salinity and is salty to the taste. The hotel also has a good restaurant which serves local food (in particular “Misaki Maguro”—tuna caught in the region) at reasonable prices (¥1,000-1,500).

For day visitors the onsen is open 11:00-22:00
Adults ¥1,000, children ¥500. Admission does not include a towel
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