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Day onsen in Setagaya known for its black water. Its location in a commercial complex alongside a UNIQLO means that you shouldn’t get your hopes up about the open-air bath which provides views of only the sky above, while the indoor baths are also fairly standard. The “SPA60” course makes the experience more reasonably priced, but who wants to go to the onsen looking at the clock all the time?

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This natural onsen is rather oddly located between a UNIQLO and a gym in the western half of Setagaya. Like Yumori no Sato not too far away, the appeal is the naturally black spring water which the onsen draws from 1,200 meters below ground. Due to its high alkaline nature, it has a slightly slipperiness to the touch and is said to be good for the skin. Other than the black water, the bathing area is fairly standard. One large main bathtub set at about 41°C, a few single-person tubs where you can lie down and relax as bubbles fire at you from various directions, a smaller outside bath, one pot tub, and a dry sauna. The onsen obviously has to do as best it can with its location inside a nondescript building. The outside does have some plants and benches and create a relaxing environment, but ultimately it’s not the best of Tokyo’s onsen if you’re in search of a bit of solitude.

The rest area by the entrance

There’s a family restaurant attached to the onsen with both western and Japanese style seating, a relaxation room with comfy chairs and individual televisions, as well as a range of other massage and beauty treatments and services.

Natural onsen
What's it got?
Open-air baths
Weekdays: Adults ¥1,290 | Children ¥640. Weekends: Adults ¥1,710 | Children ¥730 (towel set included, maximum stay 5 hours). The onsen also has a 60-minute course (“SPA60”) for ¥860 on weekdays and ¥1,080 at the weekends (towel set not included). After 9pm prices are reduced by about ¥500, and there’s also a morning time slot at the weekends for ¥500 (between 7-10am)
10:00-23:30 (last entrance at 23:00)
3-20 Chitosedai, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 157-0071
The onsen runs a shuttle bus every day from Chitose-Funabashi Station (come out of the South Exit; the bus stop is in front of Tsutaya). The bus runs once an hour from 10:35 to 20:35 (21:35 at the weekends). The onsen is about a 15-minute walk from Chitose-Funbashi Station. There is also free parking (2 hour limit).

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