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Miharashi no Yu is rightly Hachijojima’s most famous onsen. Stunning views of the ocean from one of the baths and a must for anyone visiting the island.

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If you only went to one hot spring on Hachijojima it would have to be Miharashi no Yu. The view from the open-air bathtub is featured in just about all the guide pamphlets for the island and is really something to behold. And with the bathtub so close to the edge you can enjoy an unimpeded view of the cliffs and waves in the far distance. Unfortunately, the best views are only to be had in one of the bathing sections, but the good news is that the onsen switches the male and female baths each day. When I went it was very quiet and the lady at the reception kindly let me take pictures inside the (then empty) female baths, which happened to have the side with the good view that day, while she stood guard at the entrance.

Inside the baths
The small relaxation room

Natural onsen
What's it got?
Open-air baths
Tattoos allowed
Adults ¥500 | Children ¥200
10:30-21:30. Closed on Tuesdays
581-1 Sueyoshi, Hachijomachi, Hachijojima Tokyo 100-1622

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