Hasedera Temple (長谷寺) is famous for an eleven-headed statue of Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of mercy, which was carved out of a single trunk of a camphor tree in the early 8th century. While the Kannon-do Hall containing the 30-foot carving of the Kannon is the centerpiece, other points of interest include the Jizo-do Hall, which contains hundred of small statues of Jizo Bodhisattva (the guardian of children), and the Benten-kutsu, a small cave with candle-lit carvings of minor gods.

Hasedera, 3 Chome-11-2 Hase, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0016
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Getting there
A short walk from Hase Station on the Enoshima Electric Railway (three stops from Kamakura Station)
8:00-17:00 March-September; 8:00-16:30 October-February
Adults ¥300
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