The public sports facilities in Tokyo are generally of an excellent standard. Those run by the municipality in which the swimming pool is located typically offer discounts for those who live and/or work in the ward, but anyone is able to use the facilities for a fee of around ¥500 per time. This is usually a general entrance fee so you can also use the gym and other sports facilities in the center.

The below is a list of public swimming pools in Tokyo for reference purposes and so does not include swimming pools in the private gyms, hotels, etc. Note also that many of the larger facilities will have kid’s pools, as well. See here for a few things to note regarding rules and etiquette in the swimming pools in Japan.

Minato City Sports CenterMinato25mIndoorEnglishMap
Setagaya Sports Facilities PoolSetagaya50mIndoorJapaneseMap
Setagaya Sports Facilities PoolSetagaya25mIndoorJapaneseMap
Edogawa Sports LandEdogawa50mIndoorJapaneseMap
Edogawa Sports LandEdogawa30mIndoorJapaneseMap
Kumin Center GymnasiumMeguro50mOutdoorJapaneseMap
Kumin Center GymnasiumMeguro25mIndoorJapaneseMap
Tokyo Metropolitan GymnasiumShibuya50mIndoorEnglishMap
Tokyo Metropolitan GymnasiumShibuya25mIndoorEnglishMap
Aqua Field ShibakoenMinato50mOutdoorJapaneseMap
Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming CenterKoto50mIndoorJapaneseMap
Chiyoda Sports CenterChiyoda25mIndoorJapaneseMap
Kanda Sakura KanChiyoda25mIndoorJapaneseMap
Ikiki PlazaChiyoda18mIndoorJapaneseMap
Shohei Domu-kanChiyoda25mIndoorJapaneseMap
Chuo Comprehensive Sports CenterChuo25mIndoorJapaneseMap
Tsukishima Sports PlazaChuo25mIndoorJapaneseMap
Shinjuku Sports CenterShinjuku25mIndoorJapaneseMap
Shinjuku Cosmic CenterShinjuku25mIndoorJapaneseMap
Meguro City Komaba GymnasiumMeguro25mIndoorJapaneseMap
Heiwajima Park PoolOta50mOutdoorJapaneseMap
Heiwajima Park PoolOta25mIndoorJapaneseMap
Haginaka Park Swimming PoolOta50mOutdoorJapaneseMap
Haginaka Park Swimming PoolOta25mOutdoorJapaneseMap
East Chofu Park PoolOta50mOutdoorJapaneseMap
East Chofu Park PoolOta25mIndoorJapaneseMap
Hikarigaoka GymnasiumNerima25mIndoorJapaneseMap
Heiwadai GymnasiumNerima25mIndoorJapaneseMap
Chitose PoolSetagaya25mIndoorJapaneseMap
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