Nishiki Market (錦市場, Nishiki Ichiba) is a 400-meter long shopping arcade which dates back to the early 14th century known colloquially as Kyoto’s Kitchen (京の台所). The market’s 130 or so stores sell mainly cooking utensils and food produce—from fresh seafood to speciality foods—and it typically takes an hour or two to meander your way down the narrow street, which is made even narrower because the vendors on both sides create their displays to jut outwards from the shops to entice passing customers. There are a handful of places to sit and eat if you’re not already full from tasting the many samples of display.

The market closes at 6pm each day and some do arrive a couple of hours before that time in the hope of snapping up some bargains, but if you want to experience the hustle and bustle then it’s best to visit in the morning.

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