Varied art museum on the west side of Ueno Park with a mission to be “a place for creativity and coaction”. It first opened its doors in 1926 under the name “Tokyo Prefectural Art Museum” and was one of the first large-scale museums in Japan. Today it has six galleries which host temporary exhibitions throughout the year. Check the exhibitions page of the museum’s website to see what’s on.

Getting there
Head through the Park Entrance of Ueno Park and head straight towards the main central path. Carry on down the wide section with Starbucks to your right and Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum will be 50 meters ahead
Open 9:30-17:30, although often until 8pm on Fridays during Special Exhibitions. Special Exhibitions and Thematic Exhibitions are closed Mondays (except national holidays, when the museum will be closed on the following day instead). All other exhibitions are closed every 1st and 3rd Monday (except national holidays, when the museum will be closed on the following day instead)
Entrance fees differ by exhibition
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