Largely residential prefecture north of Tokyo with almost one million people commuting into the capital for work each day. Perhaps a little unfairly, Saitama’s image suffers a little from many thinking of it as a concrete extension of the capital, but especially to the west of the prefecture there are a number of spots and areas of cultural interest and beauty such as Kawagoe and Chichibu.

Key Attractions

Omiya Bonsai Village

Omiya Bonsai Village (大宮盆栽村, Ōmiya Bonsaimura) is a small bonsai nursery precinct in Bonsaicho in Saitama started by…
The Omiya Bonsai Museums and gardens are closed on Thursdays.


Known as “Little Edo”, Kawagoe (川越) was both a strategic post in the Kanto region and a key…

The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum

The world’s first publicly run museum dedicated to bonsai near Saitama’s Omiya Bonsai Village. It was opened in…
9:00-16:30 March-October. 9:00-16:00 November-February. Closed on Thursday unless a national holiday.
Adults ¥310 with discounts for students and children
Events & Festivals in the Area

Omiya Bonsai Festival

Early May 2023
The annual Omiya Bonsai Matsuri is held in the world famous Omiya Bonsai Village in Kita-ku, Saitama. The…
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