Welcome to JSLN Japanese Language School. JSLN Japanese Language School is located in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture near Nagoya Station. This program offers small class size with an average class of 6 students. With an emphasis on communication this program helps you master essential Japanese. This program is great for spouses of Japanese nationals, business professionals, people looking for a short term study abroad, people on a working holiday, etc… Each class is designed from the point of view of “What Japanese is important for these students.” This creates fun classes and allows for students to leave class and immediately begin using what they just learned. Won’t you come study with us at JSLN Japanese Language School? It is possible to start at anytime as well as take a free trail class.


School name (Japanese)
JSLN 日本語学院
Institution type
Private school ( Nisshinkyo accredited )
Homestay Dormitory
Student information
Less than 100 students
Short-term courses
  • Business
  • General
  • Evening
  • JLPT prep
  • Private lesson
  • Summer
Long-term courses
No long-term courses offered
School website
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