Our school name is Japan Switch and we want to help foreigners make the switch to life in Japan. We also happen to provide the most affordable Japanese lessons in Tokyo. We are open on weekday mornings from 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM and we provide both group and private lessons. The things that makes us stand out compared to other schools are our monthly contracts where you pay monthly and do not need to pay for the whole course up front and you can leave the following month if you get busy. We also do not charge any registration fees or other types of fees.

Our lessons are good and we also give advice on how to learn Japanese both inside and outside the classroom to maximize your budget and learning.

Institution type
Private school ( Nisshinkyo accredited )
Homestay Dormitory
Student information
Less than 100 students
Short-term courses
  • General
  • Private lesson
  • Summer
Long-term courses
No long-term courses offered
School website
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