Early Aug 2024
We are unable to confirm details for this event. The scheduling is estimated and subject to change.

The first World Cosplay Summit began in 2003 to “create a new sense of international friendship with cosplayers from all over the world.” Through affiliations and partnerships with other cosplay events outside of Japan, finalists are selected to compete at the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya—one team consisting of two “players” enters from each country. The panel of judges can awarding up to 100 points: 40 points for accuracy of the costume, 40 points for the quality of the costume, and 20 points for technique.

Let the judging begin!

Many just go along to see the painstakingly made costumes, often aiming to arrive for the parade through Central Park near the venue (the Central Park Cosplay Parade) or the procession Osu Shopping District on the final day of the competition.

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