Early Jun 2023
  • This event has passed.

This festival—centered around Torigoe Shrine in Asakusabashi—has a history dating back to the Heian era (794-1185 CE), but today is famous for the portable shrine, sengan-mikoshi (千貫神輿), which weighs in at almost 4 tons as is carried around the streets in the evening.

  • Saturday: Floats and smaller mikoshi carried by children can be seen in the morning from 10am, while between 4pm and 8pm other portable shrines are carried around the shrine.
  • Sunday: The sengan-mikoshi leaves Torigoe Shrine at 6:30pm and returns, after travelling around the nearby districts, at around 9pm. There are also smaller portable shrines and floats that form part of the procession.

Stands selling the usual festival fare line the streets on both days.