Late Apr 2024
  • This event has passed.

This festival started in 1988 as a way to remind people of the prestigious past of this area of Nerima. The Teruhime Matsuri depicts the legend—played out by about 100 members of the public—of the Toshima Yasutsume and his second daughter, Teruhime. Yasutsume was at war with his rival Ota Dokan when in 1477 he lost a major battle to his foe and was forced to retreat,Shakujii Castle which was located in what is today Shakujii Park in Nerima Ward. However, Ota Dokan attacked again and just before the castle was about to fall, Yasutsume put the family gold and fortune on a white horse and jumped off the castle walls into lake. Teruhime, upon seeing the death of her father also flew herself off the castle in sorrow.

The festival includes three processions around the park (between 1pm and 3pm) as well as performances on the main stage playing out scenes from the story. The main attraction is Teruhime, but visitors can enjoy the periodic costumes and the general festival atmosphere.

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