Mid 〜 Late Feb 2023
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Until the 1950s, many dying factories could be found along the river near Nakai Station in Shinjuku Ward and workers washing dyed goods in the water was a common sight. In memory of the town’s history, the some no komichi (“Dyed Lane”) event will hang 50-60 “tan mono” (反物)—cloth often sewn into kimono to adjust the size and enable the kimono to be passed on from one generation to the next—above the river near Nakai Station (the “River Gallery”).

Additionally, there will be a “Street Gallery” where over 100 local stores will place “noren” (のれん) outside to let customers know that they are open. These noren are often used as separators in Japan, perhaps most often seen hanging above the entrance to the onsen baths—blue for male and pinkish red for female. There will also be a kimono show, dying workshops, and an indoor exhibition showcasing the beautiful fabrics close up. See here for the official press release (Japanese only).

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