Late Oct 2021
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If you know a little about the history of Japan then you’ll have heard of the “Five Routes” (五街道) built during the Edo period—five roads that connected the provinces to Edo and cemented the city as the country’s de facto capital (Kyoto was still the official capital until 1868). The starting point for these routes was Nihombashi and the “zero marker” plate can be found in the middle of the bridge today. For centuries Nihombashi was the confluence point for merchants and culture, and in many respects helped shaped the Japan we know today.

To commemorate the importance of Nihombashi parades were put on in 1972, and every year since then the “Nihombashi, Kyobashi Matsuri” (“Nikkyo”, for short) has been held in many regions throughout the country. Of course, its rightful home is Nihombashi, where it is held in mid October each year. Besides the parade itself, there is a market in Nihombashi Itchome with delicacies from the regions. The opening ceremony is at 11am (Chuo Dori, Takaracho 3-chome) and the parade is from 11:20am until 2:30pm.

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