Late Jul 2022
  • This event has passed.

The Kagurazaka Matsuri lasts four days: two days for the Hozuki Market and two days for the Kagurazaka Awa Odori Taikai. A great opportunity to experience a little of the Edo atmosphere in this traditional area of Tokyo.

Hozuki Market: About 50 food and drinks stands with performances on a small stage, activities for children, and introductions to Kagurazaka organised by the community. Usually runs from 17:30-22:00 on Wednesday and Thursday.

Awa Odori Taikai: About 20 groups and 1,200 members participate in the Awa Odori Taikai from 19:00-21:00 on Friday and Saturday. There usually is also a dance for children on Saturday from 6pm until 7pm. No food stalls present for these two days.

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