Kichijoji Area Guide

Given the task of designing the ideal middle-class town in Tokyo, one would probably come up with something close to Kichijoji. It has a very suburban and relaxing atmosphere, yet is just a 12-minute ride from Shinjuku Station—something which has meant that it consistently ranks in the top three most desirable places to live in Tokyo (and house prices are accordingly expensive).

Getting to Kichijoji

The west bound Chuo Line (Rapid) from Shinjuku gets you to Kichijoji in under 15 minutes. The Chuo Line has no less than seven different types of trains (Rapid, Commuter Rapid, Special Rapid, etc.) which stop (or don’t stop) at different stations. The Chuo Special Rapid and Commuter Special Rapid do not stop at Kichijoji so take care which train you board. If unsure ask one of the station attendants.

Things to Do in Kichijoji

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