WAHAHA is a small Japanese language studio in Fukuoka, Japan. Our mission is to provide students with the highest quality of instruction possible – this means that we hire teachers that go above and beyond standard teaching certifications, with unique personal and professional experience that allows them to deliver highly specialized instruction. To ensure that students get the most attention, our policy is to keep group lessons at a maximum of four—though the majority of our students end up taking private lessons.

We offer some unique courses like professional JA↔EN translation courses, internship/working holiday courses, and manga study courses, on top of more standard language courses.

Our studio is conveniently located within easy walking distance of the Tenjin shopping/entertainment district and just 3 minutes from Akasaka station. The small class size and maintains a family-like atmosphere, where students and teachers alike can have friendly conversations and hang out together in our weekly and seasonal after-school activities. We have partnered with local families and businesses to provide various accommodation options for our students, and while we do not provide student visas we can help provide documentation needed for students from countries where a tourist visa application is necessary.

文法をただ ひたすら勉強していくのではなく、それらの文法がどの場面で、 どのような言い方で使われるのかを意識して授業を進めていきます。教師の一方的な授業ではなく、 生徒ひとりひとりと常にコミュニケーションをとりながら、そのクラスに合った内容の楽しい授業を 展開していきます。

Institution type
Private school ( Nisshinkyo accredited )
Homestay Dormitory
Student information
Less than 100 students
Short-term courses
  • Business
  • General
  • JLPT prep
  • Private lesson
  • Summer
Long-term courses
No long-term courses offered
School website
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