Tokyo Area Guides: Sightseeing Spots & Things to Do

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A Guide to Tokyo Imperial Palace

Located to the west of Tokyo Station and occupying some of the most expensive real …

Akasaka Sightseeing Guide

Located north of Roppongi, Akasaka is another well-known nightspot and, like its neighbor, it has …

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Akihabara: Geeks & Gadgets

Consumer electronics center of Japan famous also for “otaku” culture

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All Roads Lead to Nihombashi

If you had to mark the heart of Tokyo, and thus the heart of Japan, …

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Asakusa: The Heart of Old Tokyo

Lying along the Sumida River, Asakusa is in the heart of Tokyo’s shitamachi. It is unfailingly …

Daikanyama: Quaint Residential Area Near Shibuya

Sedate but fashionable shopping district near Shibuya

Ebisu Sightseeing Guide

From contemporary izakaya and Spanish wine bars to burger joints and Michelin starred French restaurants, …

Ginza Sightseeing Guide

Ginza is to Tokyo what Regent Street is to London or Fifth Avenue is to …

Hachijojima: Island Sightseeing Guide

The island of Hachijo (Hachijojima) lies about 300km south of Tokyo in the Philippine Sea, …

Harajuku: Cosplay & Crepes in Central Tokyo

Fashionable district for teenagers famous for the cosplay sub-culture

Ikebukuro Sightseeing Guide

Ikebukuro is located in Toshima Ward about 4km north of Shinjuku. For high-school and university …

Jindaiji Motomachi: Soba Heaven

Situated in a leafy suburb a 15-minute bus ride from Chofu Station, Jindai-ji Temple and …

Kagurazaka: Tokyo’s Old Pleasure Quarter

Pleasure quarter for the rich and powerful during the Edo period

Kappabashi Street: Fake Food & Kitchen Utensils

Commercial street famous for selling restaurant supplies where tourists can buy cheap crockery and “fake food”

Kichijoji: Suburban Relaxation

Given the task of designing the ideal middle-class town in Tokyo, one would probably come …

Minami-Aoyama Sightseeing Guide

The fashionable districts north-east of Shibuya are difficult to separate into distinct areas because they are all …

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Nakano Sightseeing Guide

Nakano is one stop from Shinjuku on the Chuo Line Rapid Service and one of …

Odaiba Sightseeing Guide

Odaiba is an entertainment and shopping district which offers something for everyone (a small beach, …

Omotesando: Tokyo’s Champs-Élysées

See also Harajuku and Aoyama—the two areas that Omotesando Dori connects. Sometimes referred to as …

Roppongi: Tokyo’s Nightlife Spot

Tokyo’s main nightlife district and an up-and-coming center for arts

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Shibamata Sightseeing Guide

Shibamata is a temple town located in Katsushika Ward a 30-minute train ride from Ueno. …

Shibuya: Tokyo’s Youth Mecca

Shibuya encapsulates the stereotypical image of Tokyo better than any other area. No self-respecting travel …

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Shimbashi: Tokyo’s Salaryman District

Shimbashi is known as a sarariiman district. Here you will find taverns and yakitori restaurants …

Shimokitazawa Sightseeing Guide

Just one stop on the express train from Shibuya, Shimokitazawa is one of the most …


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