Hishi and Tsuzuki Yagura + Gojukken Nagaya

Turrets and warehouse reconstructed in July 2001 based off designs from the 1850s. They were originally built with defense of the castle in mind, incorporating fire-proof walls and slits for firing upon enemies. Together they form one of the biggest wooden constructions built after the Meiji period in Japan.


The main gate to Kanazawa Castle. Reconstruction was completed in 2010, 130 years after its demolition in the wake of the Meiji Restoration. As with other rebuilt parts of Kanazawa Castle, Kahoku-mon was reconstructed based on historical research and using traditional Japanese carpentry methods of the period.

Gyokusen-in Maru Garden

Private garden of the Maeda clan with water features and bridges. After 130 years of neglect, restoration in 2013 following a 5-year period of careful excavation and planning based on old drawings and literature. The garden opened to the public in March 2015. Light-ups from sunset until 9pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and days before public holidays.