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In 2015 over 200,000 foreign students were studying in Japan at language schools, specialist schools, and universities. This number has been increasingly steadily each year as the Japanese government pushes its initiative to have 300,000 foreign students studying in the country by 2020. For those foreign students who aim is to attain a qualification of degree at an institution in Japan an intensive period of language study at a language school in the country is usually the first step—over 50,000 students were enrolled in 2015. A database of Japanese language schools in Japan can be found here.

Cost of Living for Foreign Students in Japan - The below gives an overview of living costs for foreign students in Tokyo excluding tuition fees. Accommodation Accommodation is undoubtedly a student’s single biggest expense other than tuition fees. Students in theory have three options: ... continue reading
Employment Prospects Post-Graduation - The job-hunting process is almost as competitive as the battle for places at university with companies holding seminars and events to attract the top graduates. For the famous shosha (Japanese trading houses), the mega-banks like ... continue reading
Entering University in Japan as a Foreign Student - Top-tier Japanese universities are notoriously difficult to enter. The overall average acceptance figures for national universities is 25%, public 20%, and private just 15% (these are the average chances of getting accepted by a given ... continue reading
Get a Student Visa for Japan - For prospective students whose Japanese ability is not sufficient to directly enter higher education the process begins with applying to a language school. Applying to a Language School Long-term Japanese language courses that prepare students for ... continue reading
Higher Education in Japan - There are three types of higher education institutions in Japan. Specialist schools (senmon-gakko) Short-term universities (tanki-daigaku) Universities (daigaku) Specialist schools offer students 2-year vocational courses and are much easier to enter compared to universities. There ... continue reading
Japanese Language Schools: Types & Cost - Language schools in Japan differ significantly in purpose. Some are established to provider long-term college preparatory courses for foreign students hoping to enter specialist schools, universities, and graduate schools in Japan; others focus on short-term ... continue reading
The Japanese Language Proficiency Test - The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is offered by the Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services, and is the most well-known test of Japanese language ability. The examination began in 1984 and is ... continue reading

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