A Japanese Language School in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. LALL school teaches you the Japanese way of studying, politeness and manners throughout regular class, extracurricular class and exciting events. Our course is basically for those who want to go to Japanese university and vocational school or work in Japan. Our class is JLPT-oriented, but EJU-oriented class is negotiable. We can offer you information about part-time jobs and a room you stay in while you are a student. Enjoy local work and communication with local people as well as traditional and modern Japanese cultures.

東京の渋谷にある日本語学校です。LALLは「Live And Let Live(共生)」を意味します。ラル学院は授業や課外学習、イベントなどを通じて、日本式の勉強の仕方や礼儀作法を教えます。ラル学院の学習コースの目的は基本的に日本の大学や専門学校への進学ですが、就職にも役立ちます。授業はJLPT向きの内容ですが、EJU向きの授業も相談に応じて開講します。また、ラル学院はアルバイトやアパートの情報を学生さんに提供できます。伝統的、もしくは現代的な日本の文化を楽しむだけでなく、日本で実際に働くことで現地の人たちとの交流も楽しんで下さい。

School name (Japanese)
Institution type
College-affiliated school ( Nisshinkyo accredited )
Homestay Dormitory
Student information
Less than 100 students
Short-term courses
  • JLPT prep
Long-term courses
  • College preparatory
School website
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