In keeping with its reputation as a 24-hour city, Tokyo offers a host of options for those looking to party until the early hours. Most clubs don’t get busy enough to be fun until past midnight, with many party-goers staying out until the first train. Entrance fees for the bigger nightclubs in Roppongi and Shibuya on Friday and Saturday night vary from ¥2,500 ($23) to ¥5,000 ($46)—most places charge ¥3,500 ($32)—with a couple of drink vouchers. Discounts are almost always offered for ladies and some nightclubs even have a “ladies always free” policy, but if you’re not a member of the fairer sex you can try to pick up a flyer from staff the street or see the website for discount coupons before. Entering earlier during “Happy Hour” is another good way to save cash.

Roppongi is the main nightlife district, but Shibuya comes a close second while other areas such as Shinjuku and Ginza offer a different scene altogether. Incidentally, Tokyo’s biggest nightclub is not to be found in any of these areas. AgeHa—one of the world’s top clubs—is located in an industrial and commercial estate on the reclaimed land of Shinkiba on the outskirts of Tokyo.


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