In 2015 over 200,000 foreign students were studying in Japan at language schools, specialist schools, and universities. This number has been increasing steadily each year as the Japanese government pushes its initiative to have 300,000 foreign students studying in the country by 2020. For those foreign students who aim is to attain a qualification of degree at an institution in Japan an intensive period of language study at a language school in the country is usually the first step—over 50,000 students were enrolled in 2015.

This section of the website contains a basic Japanese grammar guide and the most up-to-date Japanese language school database on the internet. I decided to make the database because I had clear memories of how difficult it was to compare the different language schools in Tokyo. The few other directories that do exist are essentially just incomplete and out of dated lists that usually only let users search by location. What I wanted to create was a complete directory that prospective students could use to search and filter for language schools by other criteria such as course type, accommodation, accreditation, etc.. I hope you find the database useful. If you do know of any language schools that are not listed then please drop me an email with a link to the school’s website and I will be happy to add them.

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