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Having the learnt Japanese in my twenties—well past those golden years when you’re able to absorb languages like a sponge—struggled through a couple of language schools where my Chinese and Korean classmates seemed to hold a constant advantage over me, and eventually made my way through graduate school in Japan, I thought I’d try and jot down a few things that might be of use to prospective students.

This section of the website contains a basic Japanese grammar guide, some articles on studying in Japan and life as a foreign student, as well as (what I believe to be) the most up-to-date Japanese language school database on the internet. The latter was a result of a lot of work that I embarked upon because I had clear memories of how difficult it was to search for a Japanese language school in Tokyo (even today Google searches only bring up the schools that were sensible enough to create a website a long time ago and/or those that pay to be at the top of the rankings).

What I wanted to create was an database/directory that prospective students could use to search for language schools by criteria such as location, course type, and (where available) student nationalities. I hope you find the database useful.

If you do know of any language schools that are not listed then please drop me an email with a link to the school’s website and I will be happy to add them.

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