Day Trips & Excursions from Tokyo

Hachijojima: Island Sightseeing Guide

The island of Hachijo (Hachijojima) lies about 300km south of Tokyo in the Philippine Sea, one stop on a long line of small islands of Japan that starts with Izu Oshima and ends with a family of...

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Hakone Sightseeing Guide

Hakone is an onsen region located about 90km south-west of Tokyo, scattered with ryokan whose life-blood is the natural hot spring water that flows into their communal baths. Japanese (at least the...

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Kamakura Sightseeing Guide

Sometimes referred to as the Kyoto of Eastern Japan, Kamakura is a popular day-trip region located 50 kilometres south of Tokyo. It is great historical significance to Japan: it was the base of the...

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Kawagoe Sightseeing Guide

Known as “Little Edo”, Kawagoe was both a strategic post in the Kanto region and a key trading point for merchants during the Edo period (1603-1868). Today the main attraction is the line of well...

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Yokohama Sightseeing Guide

Yokohama is a vibrant city located 30 minutes south of Tokyo. Its rapid ascent over the past 150 years from a small fishing village to Japan’s second biggest city and key trading port has left...

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