Genki Japanese & Culture School (Kyoto)

GenkiJACS is one of the first Japanese schools in Japan to teach communicative Japanese for everyday life, rather…

Japan Switch

Our school name is Japan Switch and we want to help foreigners make the switch to life in…

JME College

JME College is a premier language school located in Nagoya, Japan. We offer Language and Culture Exchange courses…

Shibuya LALL Japanese Language School

A Japanese Language School in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. LALL school teaches you the Japanese way of studying, politeness…

Kyoto Computer Gakuin Japanese Language Training Center

Sendai Educational Academy

J’s Language School

Kumamoto Technical College

Fukuoka Kokudo-Kensetsu Technical College

ASO Foreign Language Tourism & Patisserie College

Tokuyama Sogo Business School

IGL Medical & Welfare College