Day Trips & Excursions from Tokyo

Just an hour or two on the train and a whole new side of the country can be revealed.

Climbing Mount Fuji: Routes & Tips - Mount Fuji is Japan’s highest mountain at 3,776m and is located about 100km west of Tokyo. It has been revered for millennia and its snow-capped peak and perfectly tapered slopes have been the subject of ... continue reading
Hakone Region Guide - Hakone (箱根) is a popular onsen destination located about 90km south-west of Tokyo. It is a mountainous region about 100km2 scattered with ryokan, whose life-blood is the natural, sometimes cloudy, hot spring water that flows ... continue reading
Kamakura Area Guide - Kamakura is a small temple town located about 50km south of Tokyo that is popular as a day-trip destination with both tourists and Japanese. Sometimes referred to as the Kyoto of Eastern Japan, Kamakura is ... continue reading
Kawagoe Area Guide - Known as “Little Edo”, Kawagoe was both a strategic post in the Kanto region and a key trading point for merchants during the Edo period (1603-1868). Today the main attraction is the line of well-preserved ... continue reading
Yokohama City Guide - Yokohama is a vibrant city located 30 minutes south of Tokyo. Its rapid ascent over the past 150 years from a small fishing village to Japan’s second biggest city and key trading port has left ... continue reading