Planning Your Trip to Japan

Some articles to help you plan your trip to Japan.

A Glance at the Tokyo Calendar - Whether it’s enjoying a picnic under the cherry blossoms or sitting in the intense silence before the clash of two sumo wrestlers, Tokyo’s rich history, the country’s four seasons, and 38 million people all living ... continue reading
How to Get to Central Tokyo from the Airport - Visitors flying into Tokyo will arrive at either Narita International Airport or Tokyo International Airport (commonly known as Haneda Airport). For many years Haneda handled domestic flights and Narita was the main international hub; however, ... continue reading
Preparation: Before Leaving for Japan - Below are some things you should consider as you plan your trip to Japan.
Travelling on the Shinkansen - The Shinkansen (新幹線) is a network of high-speed railways lines that operate over most of Japan. These famous “bullet” trains—so named because of their pointed fronts, as well as their speed—started running in 1964 with ... continue reading
Travelling Outside of Tokyo - As exciting a city as Tokyo may be, exploring the capital is only ever going to reveal one side to this multi-faceted country, especially since the disconnect between the cities and the countryside—both politically and ... continue reading